1461120_690907377593626_1876071537_nI believe that we all have a sacred duty to protect the natural world.  It’s not just a matter of the value that environmental resources deliver to us every day, or even the question of whether there will be a survivable world for our children. When we can’t see the inherent wonder and meaning in everything that surrounds us, we have lost something precious.

For the past couple of years, I have worked in our local community to help raise awareness of issues relating to our environment and climate, through writing and community meetings. A marquee example of such an issue is the proposed coal export terminal called the Gateway Pacific Terminal.

It’s not enough to advocate about specific issues. To really make a difference and protect our environment, we need to create thoughtful conversation about what we value as a community, and how we can then achieve those things while still leaving something for the generations to follow us.

Our Future – Worth Saving

I provide workshops that help people develop their skills in public speaking and public conversation, especially on topics relating to environment and climate. Workshops are always free, but if you bring cookies, I won’t turn them down! For inquiries email JRWells@TheGreatSymmetry.com